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ok. so i kinda gave up on trying to post a picture of the new tattoo here. so here's what you do. go to my myspace page. because it's all over there. look for "THE AYATOLLAH OF ROCK AND ROLLA" and check it out.

speaking of myspace.

so you know how every once in a while some random band will want to be your friend? so this one time this band wanted to be my friend, it was some metal band out of like washington or something. the state, i mean. so. i check out their page, because, you know, hey, what if they're really good and i actually do want to be their friend? so i check them out, and holy lord, that's some blistering AND bludgeoning metal. incredibly high-quality. so then i read out their info and everything. well, turns out that they're one of those danged christcore bands. which i'm like, eh, whatever, i add them anyway, because, i dunno, i mean, i'm not a religious dude at all, i think this is kinda well-known. (although if i did have to pick one religion, it would definitely be the force. maybe the dark side, i don't know that for sure, but definitely the force, either way. seriously.) anyway. so, i'm thinking about it, and i'm like, hm, a little heavy on the jesus, but for whatever reason so many bands like that are really, really good. like friggin' norma jean and underoath and dudeskies like that. and these guys too. they're called foreknown, just in case yalls want to check out some super metal.

but anyway. since i've added these guys, i get like 2 new bands that want me to add them a day. and it's wierd. i'm like in the syndicate now. and i dunno. i don't think they would want to add me if they knew that i was a sith lord, not a christian. i really don't know where i was going with this. hm.
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